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Can you straighten out your dog’s tail?

Well the answer is simplest and it is a big NO.

Dog’s tail can’t be straightened out. Dog is a very human friendly animal. Well, as a dog parent, we always see that our dog has their tail curved. It will always be a funny thing to try to straight it out actually.

Dog uses its tail for balance during running

Like a dog’s tail, which can be never be straightened.

We use sometimes to use as a proverb:

It is usually used when a lazy or incorrigible person does the same unwanted repeated things. and he can’t be changed. It is used as a insult for the person.

Whether a person can changed or not, is it worth to try to straighten a dog’s tail? Of-course for the fun part we can try this. But it is necessary to keep the dog busy while doing that. If not, he might react somehow unexpected way.

If a dog’s tail can’t be straitened, what does it do for a dog? Means is this a necessary means for dog? Or simply a part of the body?

Dog has wide range of purpose for a tail

dog uses it tails for various purposes.

  1. Dog uses it tail to keep weight balance from the opposite side of its body
  2. Dog that climbs uneven surface uses its tail to keep balance on uneven footing
  3. When running and taking curve it uses its tail for swift direction change
  4. In case of communication, dog uses it for wide range of variety. like waging
  5. When confront with enemy dog, it has signal with tail. Like, if it lowers it tails, it means surrender.

So, dog has a wide of purpose for its tail. So when you try to straight it out, try not to damage or hurt your dog.

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