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How to Persuade your Cat sleeping in His or Her Own Bed?

Pet owners always want their feline companion to sleep with them at night. Cats can attempt to sleep at the foot of your bed or even snuggle under the covers.

This is one of the many pleasures of cat ownership for all of us.

However, many people dislike being woken up in the dark of night by kitty claws on their neck, and some people actually like the peace that sleeping alone provides.

Where your cat lies, like “co-sleeping,” is a choice you’ll have to make early on if you want to give yourself the best chance of a stable daily routine and plan.

Either choice is perfectly acceptable – no questions asked!

Where the cat sleeps is entirely a matter of personal opinion. Of course, people on both sides of the argument would think the other side is insane, but that’s life! That’s just the way we are as people.

While I enjoy sleeping with my cat curled up beside me, some of my closest cat parent friends recently determined that they were sick and tired of their restless cat wandering up and down the bed in the middle of the night. They decided to find some place for him to sleep, so I agreed to do some homework for them.

Cat can sleep anywhere you want to

Here are some of the suggestions I found for getting your cat to stop sleeping on your bed and start sleeping on their own.

Use Treats to entice them to sleep.

One method for acclimating cats to their beds is to coax them into it with treats.

If your cat has settled into his cat bed, keeping the treat over his head until he sits. Then, thank your cat and give him the treat.

You may even leave some treats in the bed to entice him to return.

Catnip Is A Sturdy Choice

Catnip, as you might know, has a fascinating influence on cats, and all of them like it. Often what you have to do is sprinkle a little bit of it onto the bed, and the only challenge will be getting them out of the bed!

This is just what my friends did (along with the next tip), and they were eventually able to persuade their reluctant cat to switch sleeping spots.

Cats love treats often

Choose an Appropriate Location for the Bed

This is extremely critical!

If your cat has a preferred sleeping location, you should position the bed in that location.

If not, pick a private location away from other pets and foot traffic, and certainly avoid open spaces. A location with any sun or sunshine would also be beneficial.

Pay close attention to your cat’s attitude. Is he fond of hiding under things? Is he fond of being in the corner? This will assist you in determining the best location for his room.

Of course, if bedtime is the reason for him to come to your room and his bed is in another room, you will need to establish a schedule to get him into the habit of sleeping in his bed all night.

Otherwise, try to find a spot in your bedroom that is as close to the original location as possible, and either switch the bed (if you dare) or get a second “night time” bed specifically for your room.

Choose a Good Cat Bed

The real bed would also make a difference. The majority of cats enjoy a big, fluffy cat bed where they can spread out.

Some cats, however, prefer a hooded or covered bed. A hooded bed is a safe option if your cat likes to hide beneath your bed.

Choosing the appropriate bed for your cat is very important

I know this because I went through at least three beds before my cats finally slept in one, so your cats can simply dislike a specific bed.

I attempted anything. No way. They simply turned their noses up at them.

Finally, I won them over, but allow yourself the greatest chance of success by attempting to consider their tastes and personalities once more.

If it doesn’t work out the first time, don’t be afraid to swap the bed for a new model – it’s worth it to get them a place to sleep at night!

Get Your Cat’s Bed Smell Good

Cats have an acute sense of scent. If their bed doesn’t smell the way they want it to, they may not be interested in it at all. Cat beds always smell like the factory or store from which they were made, which might not be pleasing to your cat.

Consider this. Consider your pet, who is a sensory machine, if you find the fresh-out-of-the-package scent a little off at times.

If your cat enjoys cuddling with you, consider putting an old t-shirt of yours in their room. They can find the scent of you soothing, luring them to sleep in the bed.

You should even consider throwing down a towel if that’s what they want to sleep on.

Finally, rub it with any of their toys when leaving the toys in there. They can scent themselves on the bed and are more likely to remain in it.

Let other areas unappealing

Cats occasionally prefer to nap on laundry, furniture, or your room. If you wish to teach your pet to sleep in their bed, you must find these areas unappealing.

Of course, if merely getting out of bed is enough, skip this stage, but I’ve met some very particular cat owners.

One thing I’ve heard of people doing is covering any areas you don’t want cats sleeping in with aluminum foil. Another choice is to spray the affected area with citrus oils. Cats dislike the scent of citrus oils and will therefore avoid the areas that have been sprayed.

Introduce The Cat To The Bed Correctly

You want to add your pet to the bed after finding the correct spot, making the bed smell nice to your cat, and making other places unacceptable.

When your cat approaches the bed, go over to it and begin organizing it. This will entice your cat to willingly enter the room.

If your cat does not come to you on his own, call him and invite him to investigate the new bed. As previously said, you should entice him with sweets or toys.

Praise the cat as he or she has an interest in the bed. However, if he refuses it, you don’t want to respond adversely. This has the potential to deliver the wrong message.

Please be patient as this could be a lengthy and time-consuming exercise. Your cat will pick up on your signals.

It would be worthwhile if this is what you really want.

Or, you know, you should just let them sleep in your room like the rest of us. Just kidding!

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